Workshops on Social/Emotional Development for CDA 3

Each workshop provides 3 clock hours of training and costs $18 per person.

All sessions have been moved to Canvas, our new learning system.

Contact Ada Wright at for information about registering any of thes sessions.

Or, call 318 677-3176

W-3a  Guidance: Kind and Firm (CDA 3)

W-3b  Cooperation Reigns: How to Get Children to Do What You Want (CDA 3) 

W-3c  Teaching Tolerance: When Differences Don't Divide (CDA 3 ) 

W-3d  Power Struggles: Pick Your Battles and Set Your Limits (CDA 3) 

W-3f   Let's Cooperate! Supporting Cooperative Behavior through Games (CDA 3)  

W-3g  Toddler Transitional Objects: Lovies and Blankies (CDA 3)  

W-3h  Bringing Serenity into Children's Lives: Relaxation Techniques (CDA 3)

W-3i   Having a Good Day with Infants and Toddlers (CDA 3)  

W-3j  The Nonparticipating Child: When Children Won't Join the Fun and Games (CDA 3)

W-3k  Diffusing the Bomb (CDA 3) 

W-3l   Creating Memories (CDA 3) 

W-3m  Everyone is Different (CDA 3)