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How does it work?

  • First you have to be informed by email of a scheduled Webinar.
  • You will receive an invitation to participate to the Webinar.
  • Sign in with the link when you receive it by EMAIL
  • Once registered, you'll receive articles to read by email
  • Sign on to the website up to 30 minutes before the appointed time on your computer or tablet
  • Participate in the training, ask questions and comment, view PowerPoint and videos
  • Complete assignments and take a short test
  • Receive your certificate in the mail for 3 clock hours credit for licensing, CDA, and Pathways

Most webinars will be in two parts: 1 ½ hours the first day and 1 hour the second day


Webinar Registration Form 

Directors: Do you need to conduct orientation for a new staff member?

Take this NSU CFN Webinar along with your new staff to meet licensing orientation requirements

Free for Type III (Class A) Centers, $10 for others

                                                    Wednesday, November 8   12:30 - 2:00 pm

                                                    Thursday, November 9   12:30 - 1:30

You AND your new staff member(s) participate both days for 3 clock hours of credit for licensing, CDA, Pathways AND documentation of orientation for new staff for licensing 

W-5v   Staff Orientation: Getting Off to the Right Start (CDA 5) (ADM 3)

Covers the following topics to be met within 7 employment days and 30 employment days:

 child abuse identification and reporting

emergency preparation

licensing regulations; and

safe sleep practices

child development

child guidance

learning activities

health and safety

shaken baby prevention

  Send the attached registration form by email to or FAX to 318 677-3169 to receive a link to participate

For more information call 677-3176

Duplicate the form if more than 2 from your center are participating.

We need individual email & information for attendance records.



Other topics to be offered soon:

W-2w   Marvelous Manipulatives: Tools for Learning (CDA 2)

Learn how to get the most from the many table toys you have. Find out how and what children learn and how to interact and document what they learn.

W-5u   Finding a Curriculum that Works for You (CDA 5) (ADM 6)

Wondering what to do about upcoming curriculum requirements in early care and education programs? Find out what to consider in making this important decision.

W-5d   Create a Newsletter that Parents Will Read (CDA 5) (ADM 5)

Learn features of Microsoft Word and how to use it effectively in your work. Learn to produce an interesting newsletter to communicate, educate, and provide recognition—and meet new licensing requirements to offer ways for parents to be involved.

W-5e   Customer Service: Key to Achieving and Maintaining Enrollment (CDA 5) (ADM 5)

Excellent customer service is the secret to success in any business or organization. Learn what the largest corporations know about successful service relationships.


 Webinar Registration Form