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Looking for clock hour training to meet licensing requirements? Need more information about a specific topic or help with a problem? Find yourself lacking a few hours to apply for your CDA or Administator's Certificate? Online workshops may be for you!

These workshops are designed for those whose job responsibilities or location make it difficult to attend regular workshops or who can't wait for a scheduled session. Each workshop includes reading material, questions for reflection, and activities to apply the information at your worksite. Once the required assignments and an online test are submitted, a certificate will be mailed to you. Let us know about topics you want and we will develop them. 

Are you ready for an online workshop? Before you register, answer these questions:   

  • Do I have adequate computer skills? You need access to a computer with Windows and an Internet connection, basic word processing, email, and Internet search skills -- or someone to help you with them.
  • Am I self-motivated? Because you will work individually at your own pace, be sure you can discipline yourself to complete the tasks. If you need the structure of a class, then a regular workshop may suit you better.
  • Am I an independent learner? If you work well by yourself (or if several of you take a workshop together) then this option may be ideal for you.

                                           Online Workshop Topics

Registration Information                                                                                                                                    To register for an online workshop, fill in the form below, print it, and send to NSU Child and Family Network with your payment. We are unable to take online payments. You will receive a password to access the workshop you selected by email. You may work at your own pace, but we ask that classes be completed within 2 weeks. After you have submitted all required assignments and taken the final assessment (online test), you will receive a certificate in the mail. Licensing requires signed certificates, so we are unable to provide one you can print yourself.

COST: Regular online workshops are $18 each. Watch Facebook for featured online workshops for $12. CEU and Trainer sessions are $25. CEU workshops provide .6 CEU credit or 6 clock hours of credit.

New and Improved! Online Workshops

    Getting Ready for Summer 2018                      

Online Workshop Special

To introduce you to our new online workshop portal, each center may register for up to three schoolage workshops for $6 each during April! You do not have to complete the workshops in April, just register!

Choose from the following:

W-1b   Snacks for School-agers: More than Juice and Crackers (CDA 1) (ADM 4)

W-2i   Writing the Right Way (CDA 2)

W-2l   Asking Better Questions = More Learning! (CDA 2)

W-2s   A Phonological Awareness Primer: Helping Children Learn to Read (CDA 2) 

W-2u   Getting Ideas: Where and How (CDA 2) (ADM 3)

W-2v    Projects and Activities: What Do Schoolagers Like to Do? (CDA 2)

W-3n   Diversity: Creating an Inclusive Schoolage Program (CDA 2) (ADM 3)

W-3o    Bullying and Teasing: Preventing and Addressing Unwanted Behaviors (CDA 3)(ADM 3)

W-3q   Preventing and Addressing Swearing (CDA 3) (ADM 3)

W-5o   Planning for Summer: It's All about Being Prepared! (CDA 5) (ADM 3)

W-5q   Organizing Clubs in Schoolage Programs (CDA 5) (ADM 3)