Workshops for Train the Trainer Credit for Louisiana Pathways

Each workshop is approved for 3 clock hours of train the trainer credit for Louisiana Pathway.

The cost is $25 per session.

TR-1 Tips for New Trainers: Getting Started 

This wowoman at computerrkshop provides an overview to help you get started in training. Review planning for adult learning styles, developing clear objectives, improving presentation skills. and evaluating your sessions for ongoing improvement. Even if you've been training for awhile, you'll gain new ideas from the activities and assignments and benefit from the reflective experiences.

TR-2 Planning Training for the Best Results!

This workshop will help you plan training sessions and make them more effective. You'll learn about activities that support transfer of learning and how to include review and repetition without boredom. Find out about the importance of good opening and closing activities. Learn how to help trainees see the benefits of learning new skills.

TR-3 Special Problems in Training Adults 

Looking for help with some of the challenges of working with adult learners? This workshop is for you. Learn ways to better meet adult learner needs and cope with  problems encountered in training situations. Find out ways to handle challenging participants, to be prepared for the unexpected and avoid disasters.

TR-4 Making Training Take: Getting More from Your Effort 

woman with flipchartThis workshop helps you answer the question, "Why don't they do what I taught them?" Explore the many reasons why trainees do not implement what they learn when they return to the job site. Find out the value of overlearning and including ample repetition for effective training. Get new ideas for activities and strategies to ensure that your training results in the desired changes.

TR-5 Ethics and Professionalism in Training

This workshop will help you understand the ethics of being a trainer as based on the NAEYC Code of Ethical Behavior. Find out how to identify and build rapport with your audience and how to use the code in your training. Evaluate how your own personal and professional values and your participants' values affect decisions and actions.