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Directors: Do you need information on
Federal laws that affect your business?
Attend an NSU CFN Webinar conducted by Andre Ranson, founder of the
Early Learning Leadership Institute

Free for Type III (Class A) Centers, $10 for others
Thursday, August 17 12:30 - 2:00 pm
 Friday,     August 18 12:30 - 1:30 pm

W-5z Fair Labor Standards Act Wage and Hour Laws (CDA 5) (ADM 2)
American with Disabilities Act (CDA 5) (ADM 2)

This Webinar covers the following topics:
Fair Labor Standards Act and Wage and Hour Laws.
1. To understand the standards set by FLSA regarding Wage and Hour Laws including minimum wage and record keeping requirements.
2. To identify who is entitled to overtime pay and who is exempt.
3. To understand the concept of hours worked.
4. To understand common wage and hour law errors.

American with Disabilities Act
1. To become familiar with the requirements and concepts of ADA.
2. To understand the key words and phrases of the ADA legislation.
3. To review employment dues and don'ts.
4. To understand ADA and enrolling children.

For more information call 677-3176
Send the attached registration form for attendance records and certificates by email to or FAX to 318 677-3169 to receive a link to participate
Duplicate the form if more than 2 from your center are participating.
We need individual information for attendance records.

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