Workshops on Child Development for CDA 8

Each workshop provides 3 clock hours of training and costs $18 per person. 

W-8a When Toddlers Bite: Strategies for Prevention and Coping (CDA 8 or CDA 1)
Anyone working with toddlers will eventually face the problem of a child who bites. While biting is often simply a developmental phase, it can cause havoc in group settings. Learn the reasons toddlers bite, remediation plans, and how to work with parents of both the child who bites and the bitten child.

W-8b Language Development in Young Children: “Both my feets hurt” (CDA 8)
Early childhood is the window of opportunity to develop language—and language skills are precursors to reading and school success. Learn to expand language opportunities through books, songs, rhymes, daily routines, and environmental print.  

W-8c Babies on the Move (CDA 8)
Learn how movement activities promote development in other areas in addition to physical. Explore the need for physical acti vites for infants and toddlers and what you can do to promote movement.  

W-8d Cognitive Development: Develop Thinking Skills through Movement (CDA 8)
How do infants, toddlers, and preschoolers learn and develop through physical activity? What do we know about movement and brain development? Learn to help children reach their potential.  

W-8e Supporting Creative Development: What, Why, and How (CDA 8)
What is creativity and how do we encourage it in young children? This workshop addresses the creative development of young children and the factors that can hinder it.

W-8f The Hardest Transition: Infant Room to Toddler Room (CDA 8)
This workshop will help you with the process of changing rooms and teachers with very young children. This transition period can be stressful for children, parents, and staff if not handled carefully 

W-8g Fit Kids: Incorporating Daily Movement Experiences (CDA 8)
Today children do not get enough exercise. How do you include exercise in your daily activities making it fun and developmentally appropriate for young children? This workshop will help you.  

W-8h Bonding and Attachment: Emotional Development of Infants and Toddlers (CDA 8)
Caring for infants and toddlers is more than providing a safe and healthy environment. Learn about the important bonding process for normal emotional development and what you can do to support it. 

W-8i Cognitive Development Infants and Toddlers (CDA 8)
How do you help the youngest children learn in a developmentally appropriate way? This workshop will help you plan for these youngest children. 

W-8j Social Development of Infants and Toddlers (CDA 8)
Yes, even infants and toddlers can begin to form friendships! Learn what you can do to promote important social development with the children in your care. 

W-8k The Many Ways Children Learn: Multiple Intelligences (CDA 8)
Have you heard of psychologist Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory? This theory has significent implications for people working to meet the developmental needs of young children.  

W-8n If Toddlers Had a Top Ten List (CDA 8)
What are the main things that toddlers need? What would they tell you that they need? This workshop explores issues of working with toddlers and supporting their emotional and social development.