Workshops on Observing and Recording Children's Behavior CDA 6

 Each workshop provides 3 clock hours of training and costs $18 per person

W-7a Observing is More than Watching -- Much more! (CDA 7)
Want to know more about how to effectively observe children and what to do with the information you gather? Learn this important skill as you explore the difference between observing and watching. 

W-7b Stop, Look, and Learn (CDA 7)
Why do we need to observe children? Do you need shortcuts and tips for the task? This workshop will help you understand why observation is important and how to do it effectively and effeciently. 

W-7c Developmental Screening (CDA 7) 
This workshop will help you understand the social/emotional screening to earn points in Quality Start. Learn to use observation as an assessment tool to document children's progress. Learn about milestones of development to recognize if intervention is needed.

W-7e Getting Started in Observing Children (CDA 7)
You know that observing children is an important skill, but how do you get started? Learn how you can begin to document and record what you see and how to use the information you gather.