Workshops on Professionalism for CDA 6

Each workshop provides 3 clock hours of training and costs $18 per person.

W-6a Blow out Burnout (CDA 6) (ADM 6)

Burnout is a major problem in service-oriented fields. Because of the responsibility and stress of working with children, directors and staff alike need to know how to prevent and cope with burnout.


W-6b Learning to Lead (CDA 6) (ADM 5)

Directors and administrators must be leaders if a program is to be quality. Learn how to lead your staff to create the best center possible.


W-6c Is Your Vision 20/20? (CDA 6) (ADM 5)                                                                                             Want to improve your center and not sure how to get started? This workshop will help you develop a cear vision for setting goals for what you want to do.

W-6d Professionals at Work: The Child Care Workforce (CDA 6) (ADM 5)

What does it mean to be a professional? This workshop explores the elements that make up our concepts of professionals and identifies the characteristics attributed to professionals.

W-6e Creating Teamwork (CDA 6) (ADM 3)
How do you get your staff to work together? Directors everywhere struggle with this question. This workshop will help you create a team culture that encourages cooperation and reduces turnover. 

W-6f Business Etiquette: Presenting a Professional Image (CDA 6) (ADM 5)
Does the corporate world and the child care world have different standards of behavior? What are today's expectations of the parents and employers with whom you work?