Workshops on Professionalism for CDA 6

Each workshop provides 3 clock hours of training and costs $18 per person.

All sessions have been moved to Canvas, our new learning system.

Contact Ada Wright at for information about registering any of thes sessions.

Or, call 318 677-3176

W-6a Blow out Burnout (CDA 6) (ADM 6) 

W-6b Learning to Lead (CDA 6) (ADM 5)  

W-6c Is Your Vision 20/20? (CDA 6) (ADM 5)

W-6d Professionals at Work: The Child Care Workforce (CDA 6) (ADM 5) 

W-6e Creating Teamwork (CDA 6) (ADM 3

W-6f Business Etiquette: Presenting a Professional Image (CDA 6) (ADM 5)