Workshops on Program Management for CDA 5

Each workshop provides 3 clock hours of training and costs $18 per person.

W-5a  Routines: Managing Transitions and Schedules (CDA 5)
Scheduling and handling routines is an important classroom management tool. This session will help you evaluate your current practices and improve to better meet the needs of your children. 

W-5b The People Principle: Motivating and Supervising Staff (CDA 5) (ADM 3)
With the great need for motivated, dependable staff, supervision is a critical element in a quality program. If you want new ideas about what works and what doesn't, this session will help you. 

W-5c  Marketing Recruiting and Maintaining Enrollment (CDA 5) (ADM 3)
Have vacancies in your center? Even if you don't, changing neighborhoods, increased competition, the economy and other factors beyond your control make an effective, on-going marketing plan important in maintaining full enrollment.

 W-5f  Look Who's Talking: But Who's Listening? (CDA 5)
This workshop addresses the unique challenges of communication in child care centers considering the time constraints and need for coverage. Make messages clear and prevent misunderstandings. 

W-5g  Teachable Transitions: Opportunities for Learning (CDA 5)
Looking for new ways to move children from one activity to another? Want your day with young children to run smoothly? This workshop will teach you ways to facilitate transitions.  

W-5h  Creating an Employee Handbook (CDA 5) (ADM 3)
Well-crafted policies and procedures are critical to efficient operation of any organization. If you do not have an employee handbook, or you're looking for ways to improve yours, then you'll find assistence in this workshop.  

W-5i  End of Day Doldrums: Afternoons with Infants and Toddlers (CDA 5)
What do you do at the end of the day to keep you and the children happy and interested? Learn how to handle this time of the day and the challenge in caring for infants and toddlers in group settings. 

W-5j  Making Time and Space for Movement (CDA 5)
How do you provide time and space for the movement activities that children need? This workshop will provide guidance in planning and arranging for movement experiences. 

W-5k  Secret Ingredient in Planning (CDA 5)
How can you plan effectively? Do you know how to create a web to link curriculum content? This workshop will help you improve the effectiveness of your planning.  

W-5l  Using Themes in Planning (CDA 5)
Learn how to plan for your preschool classroom by using themes and creating webs. 

W-5m  Planning for Success (CDA 5)
We know that planning is essential to success with young children. How do we plan effectively? This workshop will help you in crafting appropriate lessons for young children.

W-5n  A Staff Retreat Primer (CDA 5) (ADM 3)
Have you considered a staff retreat to generate understanding and cooperation among employees? Learn factors to consider to organize and conduct a productive retreat.  

W-5p  Budgeting: What, When, Where, and Why (CDA 5) (ADM 2)
Whether you own the center or you are employed as the director, this workshop will guide you in the challenge of handling finances: making ends meet, collecting fees, and cutting costs without hurting the quality of your program.

W-5u  Money Matters (CDA 5) (ADM 2)
What are the biggest problems you face as a director? One relates to money. Learn how to create a system that will help you run your early care and education program as the business it is.