Program Management for CDA 5

Each workshop provides 3 clock hours of training and costs $18 per person.

W-5a Routines: Managing Transitions and Schedules


W-5b The People Principle: Motivating and Supervising Staff

W-5c Marketing: Recruiting and Maintaining Enrollment for Now and the Future

W-5f Look Who's Talking: But, Who's Listening?

W-5g Teachable Transitions: Opportunities for Learning

W-5h Creating an Employee Handbook 

W-5i End of Day Doldrums: Afternoons with Infants and Toddlers

W-5j Making Time and Space for Movement

W-5k Secret Ingredient in Planning

W-5l Using Themes in Planning 

W-5m Planning for Success

W-5n A Staff Retreat Planner

W-5p Budgeting: What, When, Where, and Why (CDA 5) (ADM 2)

W-5u Money Matters (CDA 5) (ADM 2)