Workshops on Working with Families for CDA 4

Each workshop provides 3 clock hours of training and costs $18 per person.

W-4a  Who Me? Plan a Parent Meeting? (CDA 4) (ADM 5)
Do you need to plan a parent meeting and not quite sure how to get started? Learn to organize and conduct effective parent meetings. Find out what your parents want and plan activities they will attend. 

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W-4b  Time to Talk: Preparing for and Conducting Parent Conferences (CDA 4) (ADM 5)
Wondering how to prepare for parent conferences? You know they're important, but how can you make the most of the time invested? View conferences from the parents' perspective and be prepared to address parents' needs.  

W-4c  Dealing with Parents on Difficult Issues and Concerns (CDA 4) (ADM 5)
When you need to talk to a parent about a sensitive issue or unpleasant matter, you'll want to be objective and understanding as well as empathetic. Learn to address difficult matters with parents. 

W-4e  Orientation of Parents: Getting off to a Great Start (CDA 4) (ADM 5)
How do you get parents off to a good start and see that they have all information they need? This workshop will help you make sure that parents are fully informed of your policies and procedures.   

W-4f  Creating Connections: How to Include Parents (CDA 4) (ADM 5)
Parent involvement takes a lot of work and too often the results are disappointing. Learn techniques in this workshop that will generate enthusiasm among your parents and staff alike.