Workshops on Health Sessions for Licensing Clock Hours CDA 1

Each workshop provides 3 clock hours of training and costs $18 per person.

These workshops may only be taken for licensing credit. They do not qualify for Health Department credit which can only be provided face-to-face.

W-1a  Choking Hazards in Early Childhood: Responsibility for Prevention (CDA 1)(ADM 4)         Young children are at risk of choking since they are small, do not chew well, and put items in their mouths. Learn common and lesser-known hazards and how you can prevent a choking emergency. Find out what to do in food preparation and training classroom and food service personnel.

W-1b  Snacks for Schoolagers: More than Juice and Crackers (CDA 1) (ADM 4)                     
School-agers are always hungry but getting them to eat healthy food is challenging. Try snacks school-agers can  prepare alone or with a little help. As a bonus, they learn math by measuring; strengthen reading skills and vocabulary using recipes. Make snack time learning time!

W-1c  Childhood Obesity: When it’s More than Baby Fat (CDA 1) (ADM 4)
Some children as young as three or four seriously exceed weight guidelines for their age. Obesity in childhood can establish lifelong patterns with serious consequences. What causes childhood obesity and what do professionals suggest you do to address this issue.

W-1d  Going Outdoors with Infants and Toddlers (CDA 1)
How do you provide safe outdoor activities for infants and toddlers? Learn how to make your outdoor area hazard-free and full of great experiences for the youngest children in your care. 

W-8a  When Toddlers Bite: Strategies for Prevention and Coping (CDA 8)                                        Anyone working with toddlers eventually faces a problem of biting. While biting is often a devel- opmental phase, it can cause havoc in group settings. Learn why toddlers bite, review remediation plans and guidance for working with parents of the biter and the bitten child.                                       

W-1e Runs Better Unleaded: Lead Poison Prevention (CDA 1) (ADM 3)                                             Incidence of lead poisoning is likely greater than you realize. It can cause serious harm to children if not addressed early. Learn to recognize symptoms and how to prevent this hazard.