Workshops Especially for Administrators 

Each workshop provides 3 clock hours training and costs $18 per person. The workshops below may be used for CDA or for ADM credit. Your certificate will include both categories.

 W-1a  Choking Hazards in Early Childhood: Responsibilities for Prevention (CDA 1)(ADM 4)
Young children are at risk of choking since they are small, do not chew well, and put items in their mouths. Learn common and lesser-known hazards and how you can prevent a choking emergency. Find to do in food preparation and training for classroom and food service personnel.

W-1b  Snacks for School-agers: More than Juice and Crackers (CDA 1) (ADM 4)
School-agers are always hungry, but getting them to eat healthy food is challenging. Try snack ideas school-agers can prepare alone or with a little help. As a bonus, they learn math by measuring; strengthen reading and vocabulary using recipes. Make snack time learning time!

W-1c  Childhood Obesity: When it’s More than Baby Fat (CDA 1) (ADM 4) 
Some children as young as three or four seriously exceed weight guidelines for their age. Obesity in childhood can establish lifelong patterns with serious consequences. What causes childhood obesity and what do professionals suggest you do to address this issue? 

W-1e Runs Better Unleaded: Lead Poison Prevention (CDA 1) (ADM 3)
The incidence of lead poisoning is liely much greater than you likely realize. It can cause serious harm to children if not addressed early enough. Learn how you can recognize the symptoms of lead poisoning and what you can do to prevent this health hazard.

 W-3n Diversity: Creating an Inclusive Schoolage Program (CDA 2) (ADM )
The families and children we serve come from a variety of backgrounds, religions, and ethnic groups. How can we address the needs of various cultures? This workshop will help you with the task of creating a sense of community among the diverse groups enrolled in your program.

W-4a  Who Me? Plan a Parent Meeting? (CDA 4) (ADM 5)
Do you need to plan a parent meeting and are not quite sure how to get started? This course will teach you how to organize and conduct an effective parent meeting. Learn how to find out what your parents want and plan activities they will attend. 

W-4b  Time to Talk: Preparing for and Conducting Parent Conferences (CDA 4) (ADM 5) 
Wondering how to prepare for parent conferences? You know they are important, but how can you make the most of the time invested? This course has the answers. Learn to see parent conferences from the parents' perspective and how to address the parents' needs.  

W-4c  Dealing with Parents on Difficult Issues and Concerns (CDA 4) (ADM 5) 
When you need to talk to a parent about a sensitive issue or unpleasant matter you'll want to be objective and understanding as well as empathetic toward the parents. This workshop will help you address those difficult matters with parents. 

W-4e  Orientation of Parents (CDA 4) (ADM 5)  
How do you get parents off to a good start? What are some ways to quickly see that they have all the information that they need? This workshop will give you the information you need to do it right.  

W-4f Creating Connections: How-to Include Parents (CDA 4) (ADM 5)  
Parent involvement takes a lot of work and often the results are disappointing. Learn some techniques in this workshop that will generate enthusiasm among your parents and staff alike. 

W-5b The People Principle: Motivating and Supervising Staff (CDA 5) (ADM 3) 
Many child care directors have asked for help in supervising staff. With the great need for motivated, dependable staff, supervision is a critical element in a quality program. If you are new to the field or just want more ideas about what works and what doesn't, this session is for you. 
W-5c  Marketing: Recruiting and Maintaining Enrollment for Now and the Future (CDA5) (ADM3)
Have vacancies in your center? Even if you don't, changing neighborhoods, increased competition, the economy, and other factors beyond your control make an effective, on-going marketing plan important. Learn how deliberate planning for marketing can help you be successful and maintain full enrollment.

W-5h  Creating an Employee Handbook (CDA 5) (ADM 3)  
Well-crafted policies and procedures are critical to efficient operation of any organization. If you do not have an employee handbook, or you're looking for some ways to improve the one you have, then you'll find assistence in this workshop. 

W-5n  A Staff Retreat Primer (CDA 5) (ADM 3)
Have you considered a staff retreat to generate better understanding and cooperation among employees? This workshop covers all steps to organize and conduct a productive staff retreat.  

W-5p  Budgeting: What, When, Where, and How (CDA 5) (ADM 2)                                                       Whether you own the center or you are employed as the director, this workshop will guide you in the challenge of handling finances: making ends meet, collecting fees, and cutting costs without hurting the quality of your program.

W-5o  Planning for Summer: It's All about Being Prepared! (CDA 5) (ADM 3)
Summer with schoolagers requires some changes not only in the schedule but in the type of activites and approach to programming. Get some tips for getting ready for summer in this workshop.

 W-5u  Money Matters (CDA 5) (ADM 2) 
What are the biggest problems you face as a director? One likely relates to money. Learn how to create a system that will help you run your early care and education program as the business it is.

W-6a  Blow out Burnout (CDA 6) (ADM 6) 
Burnout is a major problem in service-oriented fields. Because of the responsibility and stresses of working with young children, directors and staff members alike need to understand how to prevent burnout and what to do about it. Learn how to cope with burnout.

W-6b  Learning to Lead (CDA 6) (ADM 5)  
Directors and administrators must be leaders if a program is to be quality. Learn how to lead your staff to create the best center possible. 

W-6c Is Your Vision 20/20? (CDA 6) (ADM 6)  
Want to improve your center and not sure how to get started? This workshop will help you develop a cear vision for setting goals for what you want to do.  

W-6d Professionals at Work: The Child Care Workforce (CDA 6) (ADM 5)  
What does it mean to be a professional? This workshop explores the elements that make up our concepts of professionals and identifies the characteristics attributed to professionals. 

W-6e Creating Teamwork (CDA 6) (ADM 3)  
How do you get your staff to work together? Directors everywhere struggle with this question. This workshop will help you create a team culture that encourages cooperation and reduces turnover.  

W-6f Business Etiquette: Presenting a Professional Image (CDA 6) (ADM 5)  
Does the corporate world and the child care world have different standards of behavior? What are today's expectations of the parents and employers with whom you work? Find out in this workshop.